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Pilates in a studio
Pilates teacher pose
Pilates intructor and student, Pilates Reformer

The pilates promise

Pilates teaches you how to move correctly at joint level. By mobilising each joint within its full range of movement you will increase flexibility, strength and become more aware of your posture.

Poor movement patterns can occur due to muscle weakness and injury, which is often the result of our work and home environments. Sitting for long periods, slouched in a chair or lifting and carrying a young child can lead to a poor posture and a range of muscle imbalances within our bodies and yes, lower back pain!

'Take some time to give your body the tools it needs to work correctly'

By connecting the mind and body and teaching you how to isolate and move correctly, Pilates helps you to recruit the right muscle for the right job and correct the body's imbalance. We target the deep core muscles that surround the lower back creating a scaffold of support to allow our bodies to move safely.

Pilates works for everyone, athletes wanting to improve their performance, mums to be, young or old, active or inactive. Take some time to give your body the tools it needs to work correctly.

Key benefits

  • Stronger core muscles to support your back.

  • Increased postural awareness

  • Leaner and balanced muscle tone

  • Increased flexibility

  • Reduced stress

Pilates principles

  • Concentration

  • Relaxation

  • Alignment

  • Breathing

  • Centring (Core Stability)

  • Co-ordination (Control)

  • Flowing Movements

  • Stamina

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