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About me

I've always believed in keeping myself fit and healthy. Over the years I've taken part in most gym based studio classes and new crazes that have been thrown at the general public, these include completing my black belt in kick boxing and taking part in various long distance running events. This combined with working full time in Publishing and spending long hours sat at a desk created a whole new meaning to aches and pains, I just couldn't understand why! I thought keeping fit was supposed to be good for you!

Around 2007 I was introduced to Pilates, which totally changed my approach to my work and home life. For years I had received physiotherapy on my upper back and right shoulder that was the result of work stress combined with sitting at my desk using the computer for long periods of time. Although the pain would temporarily go after my Physiotherapy sessions, it wasn't until I started practicing Pilates and understanding the correct position of my shoulder girdle and how it should move that I could see and correct what I was doing wrong. Over time and through regular practice I corrected the imbalance in my body and am now pain free.

'My ambition is to help others feel the benefits of Pilates and progress them at a pace that is safe and comfortable for their body'

I truly believe that Pilates can complement your life and any sporting activity that you practice. I continue to further my training each year to ensure I can deliver effective and progressive classes for all my clients. Whether you are suffering from any medical conditions, injuries or back problems, or just simply wish to progress your overall fitness for an event or fun, Pilates can help.


The seventeen years I worked in Publishing were really enjoyable, but after having my second son I was more than happy to wave the long hours and stress goodbye. I now love the social side that comes with being a Pilates Instructor. My ambition is to help others realise the benefits of Pilates and progress them at a pace that is safe and comfortable for their body.


L4 Certified in Pilates Matwork

In 2009 I started my Pilates journey and qualified as a level 3 instructor, I continued this journey and qualified as a level 4 instructor in 2022. A Level 4 certificate represents the highest level of achievement within the health and fitness industry. It demonstrates that you have the advanced knowledge and skills to teach Pilates across a very broad spectrum of clients, including special population groups. You have the skills required to undertake an accurate assessment of the clients physical and technical performance; to develop client-specific exercise and session plans drawing on the full Pilates matwork repertoire and to adapt these based on a dynamic assessment of the clients performance.

L4 Low Back Pain, Specialist Instructor and Back4Good Practitioner

More than 80% of the adult population suffer from low back pain at some time in their life. It is one of the most common reasons why people take time off work and may be distressing and frustrating as quality of life often suffers. Yet gentle effective exercise, delivered by a properly trained exercise professional, can often help with the prevention and management of low back pain. This is underlined by The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines recommending that people with persistent non-specific low back pain should be actively encouraged to stay physically active and take up exercise. All Back4Good® Practitioners are experienced Body Control Pilates teachers, having been certified by Europe’s foremost Pilates organisation. They have undertaken additional training for low back pain to become a Back4Good® Practitioner. This training is endorsed by BackCare, the UK charity for healthier backs; by leading medical practitioners; and by the independent bodies who oversee quality and standards for the UK health and fitness industry. The qualification held by Back4Good® Practitioners sits at Level 4 on the UK Register of Exercise Professionals.

L3 certified in Pilates for Bone Health

Three million people in the UK are estimated to suffer from Osteoporosis, that’s one in three women and one in twelve men over the age of 50. Fragility or osteoporotic fractures are also estimated to cost the NHS around £4.4 billion per annum, with mature adults being the fastest growing segment of our population this number will inevitably grow. In childhood our bones need to grow in length, density and strength. To achieve this our bone building cells work at a higher rate than our bone breaking down cells. This process is called bone remodelling. Then around our mid 20’s - 30’s our bone remodelling rate stabilises as our bones no longer need to grow in length. Finally, at around 35yrs the scales tip the other way with the cells that break bone down working at a higher rate as part of the natural aging process. We can’t stop bone loss, however we can influence it by building a good bone bank as early as possible. Being level 3 certified means, I have undergone further training to enable me to work with this specialist group, ensuring the classes are safe and adapted to better suit the client’s needs and deliver focused results.

L3 certified in Pre and Post natal Pilates

As Pilates teachers we have a privileged opportunity to work closely with pregnant women to ensure that they remain healthy, fit and confident with their bodies, before and after labour. We can also help with the baby’s positioning ready for birth, along with many of the aches and pains associated with pre and postnatal pregnancy. Being level 3 certified means, I have undergone further training to enable me to work with this specialist group, ensuring the classes are safe and adapted to better suit the client’s needs.

Qualified to teach Pilates Reformer

Pilates is not just about the matwork, there is apparatus! The Pilates reformer is one of these amazing pieces of apparatus like no other, it helps you to find length and space in the body whilst working with resistance from multiple start positions. Far from just a workout for your core, this piece of apparatus teaches you how to work with the machines resistance (springs and pulleys) to distribute the loading evenly throughout the body, elongating the spine, joints and muscles which then leads to greater flexibility, strength, endurance and a more balanced posture. It invites the length you want to create in the body whilst balancing the load evenly, strengthening whilst lengthening.

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