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Studio sessions

The Pilates2you studio is equipt with a reformer, tower, wunda chair, ladder barrel and spine corrector. Studio sessions are taught using the classical approach, working across the apparatus to deepen your understanding of how to connect to your body and find the length from your centre, your strength. 


The Pilates reformer is the more commonly known piece of equipment, it helps you to find length and space in the body whilst working with resistance from multiple start positions. Far from just a workout for your core, this piece of apparatus teaches you how to work with the machines resistance (springs and pulleys) to distribute the load evenly throughout the body, elongating the spine, joints and muscles which then leads to greater flexibility, strength, endurance and a more balanced posture.


All the apparatus invites the length you want to create in the body whilst balancing the load evenly, lengthening from your strength. 

Book a block of six 1-2-1’s for only £45 per session, all sessions to be used within three months.

Studio Pilates can be adapted in a number of ways to suit the client’s goals, from athletes with specific training outcomes, rehabilitation or quite simply clients wanting to become stronger and fitter. Hey, the reformer even has a jumpboard if you fancy adding a bit of cardio to your workout.


Pilates reformer

Single session  £50

Block of three sessions  £140

Block of six sessions  £270

All session are for one hour and will need to be used within three months of booking. Studio 121's are located in Carshalton SM5 at my home Pilates studio.


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